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Para usar essas campanhas coloque-as dentro de seu diretório do AOE na pasta em que estão as campanhas.

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Babylonians at War This campaign is about a fictional war between the Assyians and the Babylonians. It has lots of bloodshed on every level so have fun. Stu Hill
Cocatus You are a tribe who have defeated all the other tribes except your allies. Your war council has got you to give permission to attack your one time allies. You land on a major port city and march towards the capital. For the complete history of the story, read each HISTORY button in each battle. It's worth it. R Gecko3
Fate of a hero This campaign is the tale of a hero named Alexander. He is hired by a small hunting village called Ajax to defeat their enemies the Uxnators. Tommy Soderman
Egyptian Faith About Egyptian problems and fictional war with the Greeks! Rafal Wdowikowski
Haanan Empire You are the leader of the Haanan tribe. Once one of the greatest tribes in the world but now you have lost many wars and are very weak. You have to build up the tribe and take over the world. Aron Backström
Jason and the Argonaughts This campaign is about a simple pirate gang led by Jason. This gang goes from a simple gang to a powerful empire, if you dare tread here Stu Hill
Reign of Cyrus II In this campaign you are the leader that makes the main battles possible by destroying other armies that could stop change the course of the battle. The first and third levels are build up only, but all others are death maps. Stu Hill
Gladiators' Revenge Gladiators in Rome decided to revolt! You are one of the leaders of the rebels. You're mission is to rise power from simple bunch of gladiators to powerful army capable in destroying Romans! This campaign is full of tricks and turns so watch out! Rafal Wdowikowski
Rime This is a campaign about the Roman empire. You go from the begining of the Roman empire to mount Masauda. Almost all of the levels have battle in them and lots of the levels have no build up. This is a killing campaign. Stu Hill
Phalanx This is campaign is about a phalanx of mercenariesled by a hero named Jason. Tommy Soderman
Destroying the Heroes of Persia This is a very unique set of scenarios in that they don't require you to build towns, walls, research things, build many units, etc. , but it does make you do interesting and fun things, like enter a chariot race, kill a priest, search a forrest, ect. Ben Garvey
The Wild West Want to tame the Wild West? This scenario will let you go from a small settlement to a great city. You will fight and befriend indians, rope some cattle, explore mountains, mine some gold, and improve your town. Ben Garvey
Haniball attacks Rome None Hunter
Greece Advances This has eight scenarios in it Hans Carlsson
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire A very well though-out campaign about the Roman Empire Joey S
The Rise of Patra Can you turn the small Patra tribe to a great Empire?! Kleanthis
Adventures In Asia The Asian clan of the VAh Nah are trying to get rid of the hideous Shang. Lots of surprises! Kleanthis
Egyptian Glory You are the Egyptians,and are allied with the Greek,going against the Babylonians Hegmanart
BabylonCorrupted High paced war between former allies Barrett & Eric
The Mountains of Ide The Holy Man was sitting by the fire. His Lion was asleep beside him. Looking at the flames, he had a vision : The mountains melting to the sea... Kleanthis
Babyonion Contest A series of contests to become ruler of Babylon. Robert Colburn
Armies at War, A Combat Showcase This is a bunch of battles Scott Dunkley
Macedonian Conquest Lots of Battles as you destory, your enemies Scott Dunkley
The First Punic War A series of battles Scott Dunkley
Power of Persia Lead Persia to the most power tribe in the world Scott Dunkley
Sumerian Reign Defeat the Sumerian enemies Scott Dunkley
The Wu-Tang Clan None Scott Dunkley
The Adventures of the Vah Nah Heavy Update of the Adventures In Asia Campaign, almost like new Kleanthis
The Hero It has a complex story line with one central hero who escapes imprisonment and goes on sea adventures, eventually founding his own empire Matt Morgan
Wrath of Egypt Here is a campaign about Egypt. Egypt gets attack by Mercinaries on Inchwana island. They must find out who is behind hiring these mercinaries and destroy them. Lot's of battles and build up's make this 8 scenario campaign a real thriller. Stu Hill

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