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Download Description Author
Desert Survial Can you live this hostile land? and beat 3 other tribes? In this scenarios you must kill the other three tribes to win Matt Stasiak
Showdown in Cikkie Valley You have finally found your enemy on the 2nd ridge of the Cikkie Valley You must destory him to win Matt Stasiak
Kadesh Battle of Kadesh Alpaca
Drought Mountain (4-Player maximum) A file of a mountain surrounded by tons of fish with a garden of eden at the top Mike Murray
Multiplayer Hill Canal (8-Player maximum) A file of large islands that happen to be extremely high Mike Murray
Lion Valley Its an Aggressive war type of scenario where you try to wipe out your opponent.No fancy scenery, just a river and some trees.Try it out. Chris Scholtz
Stoned In this scenario you are a sone age tribe who must defeat a bronze age tribe, advancing might help. Stu Hill
Land of Gold There is lot's of recorces to get and you must kill everybody to win The Sucker
Land of Gold2 Same as above, but you start out with things like a wall and elephant archers. The Sucker
Rawke's Drift Single player campaign where u are a Zulu Tribe attacking a small British Army Outpost King Edward 1 (Edster)
Navig Uprising In this scenario you are the Navig tribe and you are tired of being beaten up by the AVE and LAUP civilisations. Advancing through the ages it is time to rid the land of these two tribes. Any helpful comments to Gavin Ridout
Delta (2-6player) Your home land has been taken by enemies. Your job is to destroy your enemies and resetle your home land. You have one faithful ally the Babylonians. Hugh Holds
War You are the sacafunks, your scout have told you that you enemy the Bobas are near and almost a powerful as you!! You must find the Bobas and kill them! Matt Stasiak
The Map Map modeled after one in the demo's Hittite campaign, just with lots of resoures, including Gold. You must kill all other four tribes to win! Matt Stasiak
The Great Battle In this scenario Greeks have to defend their last city Athens before Persian destroy it. Rafal Wdowikowski
Equal Battle In this battle both you and your enemy have the same units and same power in other words your are equal. Who is the best fighter? Find out Matt Stasiak
Equal Battle 2 This one is just like Equal Battle, just more units and more powerful units Matt Stasiak
The Ancient Ring of Wisdom This scenario, The Ancient Ring of Wisdom, is a single player mission in which you face 3 computer opponents. You have to destroy the one that betrayed you, and retrieve The Ancient Ring of Wisdom, an important artifact. Kevin Dockx
Royal Hunting Due to king's Hammurabi's sickness you have been chosen to represent king on the annual Royal Hunting. The winner has to kill the meaniest and biggest animal in Babylonian forest. Note: Not for animal lovers! Rafal Wdowikowski
Paradise When comet hit Earth in 350 BC only two tribes survived: Assyrian and Babylonian. They settled in the only land with animals. They called it "Paradise" You play as Babylonian and have to destroy Assyrian and reach Tool Age in order to win. Rafal Wdowikowski
One Man Action Due to the war with Hittite empire you have to assassinate their priest who work as a magician. He can be dangoures for our empire! He lives beside Hittite capitol in mountains. Beware of Hittite army.Also Rebellions are trying to capture him for their purpose! Using Hero Alexander you have to kill him before rebellions will capture him! Rafal Wdowikowski
The Battle of Thull Mardu This Scenario is Based on a Battle formone of David Eddings Books form the Belgariad Katana
Italy Take the city of Rome and lead it to victory over the upper Mediterranean nations. you start off in the iron age and resources are abundant making this a fast paced scenario if you don't keep up you'll get overrun Joseph Santurri
War Chest of Evil The Minions posses a War Chest of enormous power. Unfortunately it's useless without a password. The man that knows it has been located in a small Assyrian village near by Phoenician army outpost. He is a priest. You must bring the War Chest to him at all costs! The Assyrians are our allies but Phoenician are not. The are trying to intercept the War Chest and destroy you so watch out! Rafal Wdowikowski
The Great Battle 2 The Great Battle 2 delivers good , fast action. It's based on battle between Greeks and Persian. Formations and other stuff was based on the real ancient battles that I found on the World Wide Web! Make sure that you played "The Great Battle" before you try this second part. Rafal Wdowikowski
Hectors Return It's you against Alexander and the Babylonian city he resides in. Can you take the city in the clouds and rule your lands fairly? Good planning coupled with your great command and control will win the day. Paul Ridout
Prisoner After capturing the rebel leader, he decided to tell you the location of the rebel village. The rest of the rebels didn't like that and they are out to kill him and you. Defend your army outpost and the leader for 3000 years in order to win Rafal Wdowikowski
Ultimate Destruction Pack Has Paradise, One Man Action, Royal Hunting, The Great Battle, and War Chest of Evil Rafal Wdowikowski
Maratona Battle of Maratona Mariano
Land of Pleanty An inland map and added so much stuff in it suits the name. Stu Hill
Hero's Wonder You start off with a hero a dock and 4 villagers in the stone age. Minos III has built a wonder. Although you must destroy it to win, you do not need to kill it within 2000 years. Ed Wray
Collision of Bronze It's a multiplayer scenario, you start with equal armies and equal bases. Red's base is slightly smaller than blue's base so red has a heavly fortified house area. This is just a two player scenario. Stu Hill
Island Invasion You begin with a small expeditionary force and few villagers. You must invade one of the larger islands to harvest resources. To win you must capture both opponents War Chests and bring them safely home. Ed Wray
Macropolis Single player scenario, difficulty moderate Fight your way through the urban jungle of Macropolis. It's big, it's fast and it's dangerous.
Adventure Before you can establish your kingdom and conquer other nations you will have to go around to find a homeland just belong to you. There are many obstacles and dangers in the travel. Huai-En Wu
Alejandro contra Dario II Spanish Scenario Jose E. Cuesta Castro
Come 'N Get Me Oasis This is a combination of a deathmatch, oasis, and come get me map, high scores, killing and a twist, 4 player Mike Gillies
Discover and Find There are many ways to win, by finding all the discoveries or being the first to reach 50 population, 6 player Mike Gillies
King of the Hill A King of the Hill Match, grab the ruin in the center of the map and hold it to win Mike Gillies
Unlimi There is 3 ways to win this match, move an artifact to nearby flags, do 25 conversions, or take a ruin protected by ballista towers and thick walls 4 player Mike Gillies
Mountain Hideaway Has lots of river valleys and loads of mountains. May have some very long Naval battles with plenty of wood to cu Billq
Asia A scenario about Asia Mike Hansen
Ultm@te W@r You are Against 4 Other Players, you must beat them to win X-Man
The Battle for the Republic of Texas A geographically and historically as correct scenario fo the Bettle of Texas Brett and Andrew
Master1 This scenario is an interesting battle for 4 people. There are plenty of resources all over the map. There are 2 giant islands and a couple small ones. Great to play on any winning condition. dan
Oasis This is an 8 player level, works best with human opponents
A Mazing A real challenge lies ahead of you. There is a piece of land said to be sacred and powerful, hidden in the valleys of this land. Your previous explorers found this site some time ago and marked it with a flag, but they were soon overcome by locals. Your task is to locate this land and build a temple near the flag Steve Bonham
Mountain Maze This mountain side, with it's labarynth of paths and cliffs, sets an amazing scene for a great battle. Route out your enemy, and wreck their quiet life. Steve Bonham
Roman Roads From your settlement, follow the roads to find two other Civilizations and destroy them. At junctions, flags act as sign posts, pointing you in the direction of enemies. Flagged walls will indicate your arrival to enemy territory. Steve Bonham
Sebas's This scenario is purely for fun. You have a huge army. Tamed Lions and invisible Demons. You outnumber your enemy about 3-1. Another thing to do is after beating your enemy kill your allies. SDGonBen
The Challenge fo the Damned An obstical course that requires your villager to make it through a maze filled with danger and find the end where you are to capture the enemies war chest. Erik Shivner
Ulimate Deathmatch To win you must kill all other civs Stasio
The Showdown It is the final showdown between Barry the Great and John the Powerful. You must lead one of the armies to victory, (2 player) Stasio
New You must destory the enemy who is hiding behind a maze of walls Adam Weiss
Egyptian Domination You must take your army into the rages of battle against the Greeks and defeat them to gain power in Southern Europe Mathenn
Seiges Of Empires You are the Egptians, and you have set up a seige against the Greeks. However, the Greeks have setup their own seige. Wipe them out once and for all! RoboChop
Ultm@te War 2 This the sequel to the first. Same type of gameplay much more challenging and different guys. X-Man
Lost Army You have to fight your enemies, but their ai instructs them to build huge armies. To win find the hidden army, and the hidden resources SDgonben
Heros In this mission there is an area in which you and Greek heros hold. It is enclosed so you must fight. You must overtake the heros so that they cannot use their heros to raid anymore. You must then kill their town center and other buildings to win. Alligators are a big factor in this one. Mathenn
Tribal War 1 The name says it all Jerry Koepsel
Athens vs Sparta Athens versus Sparta, you play the role of Athenians ready for a final showdown against dire enemy Sparta. The diplomacy is set to ally at the beginning though, so, if you want to, move your troops around a little bit before changing diplomacy to enemy and starting the war. Lewis the Great
Mediteranean This scenario invloves a fictional race to a guarded island in the mediteranean sea. CyHitchHik
Treasure In this one you race against another tribe to find artifacts and ruins to win. CyHitchHik
Defend Your Wonder The purpose of it is to basically defend your wonder against 3 other armies who are out to defeat you.
The Maze You must find your way though the maze and find the ruin Stasio
The Great Rival You have been chosen to lead the army that will destory Lou the Great. You must cross the river and sack and loot Lou's town Stasio
Attack and Defend None Scott Dunkley
Wonder The Carvins have completed their wonder. It is up to the world to destory it before time runs out Scott Dunkley
Carthage The Cathaginians must defend their great city of Carthage. While other players must destory Cartage. Scott Dunkley

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